Nine is a community for coliving and coworking on the beautiful island of Tenerife, Spain. During their stay, we ask our Digital Nomads to share their stories.



Country: England

Age: 43

Stayed at Nine: June 2019


What’s your background?

I’m originally from London and that’s where I have my base. I’ve been running my business as a freelance consumer insight consultant for the last 6 years, and living part time as a Digital Nomad for the last 2.5. After travelling for 13 months straight I learned that moving constantly becomes tiring after a while, and also that I like to have a base. London still feels like home, so I have an apartment there which I rent out when I’m on the move.

I also find that (for me) after travelling continuously for a while, the idea of being a perpetual tourist loses its appeal, so I prefer to travel for shorter stints and then return home for some time with my friends and family. This way, I maintain a fresh outlook on my homelife, my worklife and can plan my next trip with a renewed excitement for travel. I like to think of myself as an Intermittent Nomad.

How long have you been working remote and what are you currently working on?

I work mainly in qualitative research for various clients, and whilst travelling with Remote Year (starting in March 2017) I conducted a year-long study into Digital Nomadism, so that I can help businesses really understand the lifestyle; what motivates people to live this way; what the challenges can be; the needs of Nomads; what makes a great coworking space and coliving space, and so on…

Projections show that by 2035 there will be 1 billion Digital Nomads, so it’s really key for businesses to understand this lifestyle more fully. Currently, too many people still think of the Nomad life as being one long holiday, and it’s not that way at all. Learning how to work remotely effectively as a team is going to be crucial. For many, it already is. 

Why do you think Tenerife and the Canary island is a good destination for digital nomads?

Tenerife is the only one of the Canaries I’ve visited, but I think it’s ideal for Nomads for a number of reasons. Firstly, the weather is pretty sweet all year round – the beaches are great and there’s loads of opportunity to be active, with hiking, surfing, etc…  But more than this, there’s a wonderful Digital Nomad community that’s really come into its own in the last few years…and of course, Nine – which I personally feel I will be coming back to time and time again. I love the fact that it’s in a traditional town and there aren’t many tourists so you feel you really get the sense of culture here. Plus, the fact that it’s not expensive and (for me), it’s really easy to get to from London. I’m already thinking about coming back at the end of the summer. 

What is your favorite thing about Nine Coliving?

Hmmm…that’s a tough one. There are so many good things! I think though, being part of the crew that helped to renovate Nine last summer means that I feel personally invested in it. Anne (founder of Nine) is so lovely and I hugely admire how she has made her dream a reality – it’s no mean feat. I hope we will be lifelong friends. Plus… now she has Lara (Nine’s resident perrito), there’s an extra reason to keep coming back.