This weekend I went on a little camping trip with a friend and her two children. It was their first camping trip ever, so we looked for a place that was easy to access and had some basic facilities. The place we ended up is camping ground Los Pedregales in Parque Rural de Teno. We had an amazing time and where pleasantly surprised with the little camp ground!

Waking up with Lara at my feet

Waking up with Lara at my feet


There are many camp sides in Tenerife. We choose this one because we like the area and it was not to long of a drive for us, a little less than an hour from Nine Coliving.

What we later learned from the ranger driving by the camp side, is that Los Pedregales in Parque Rural de Teno is one of the quietest ones around. It is based on the far West side of the island, in the valley between Masca on the South and Buena Vista del Norte on the North. The camp side is based on the hill of Teno Alto and looks out over a few tiny villages that light up beautifully at Night.

Facilities of the camp side

We where very surprised to see how well maintained and well equipped the camp side was. It is made out of a number of terrasses stacked on top of each other with beautiful vegetation in between. So everyone can have their privacy, but all with beautiful views over the valley.

A part of the place is a picnic area. Big wooden tables to eat on, BBQ’s and water are all there to use. We thought it would be a great place to camp out with a bunch of friends and have a good BBQ at night.

Then there are around 5 terrasses on top of each other with places to set up tents. They all have poles that you can use to make some shade, which was very useful when we where there because of the heat. We unfortunately didn’t have something to make shade, but the picnic areas had shade anyway.

There was a very nice and clean toilet and shower building on side that was open during the day. At night we could use a 24/7 toilet.

What to do around

This camp side is nothing more than that, so besides camping and BBQen there is nothing to do on side. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay for longer than the night that we did. We will definitely be back for longer!

The camp side lays in the middle of a few really nice walking routes. You can hike all the way up to Teno Alto, which is a good hike up, or walk trough the valley.

The valley itself has a few cute little villages with some small restaurants and Teno Alto is well known for it’s hikes with amazing views over the far West side of the island.

When you take the car there are so many things to do close to this camp ground. You can drive South and visit Masca. Or North and visit Buena Vista del Norte with some amazing beaches. Also very popular is Punto Alto, a spectacular cliff drive to the very West tip of the island.

We drove back after one night, taking a refreshing dip in the ocean at Playa de las Mujeres close to Buena Vista del Norte.

Have you camped on Tenerife and would you like to share your favorite place with us? We would love to hear them!