New words in the field of Remote Work are dropping like flies. With the grow of this new movement a new industry is developing too. One of the growing buzzwords is Workation. But what exactly is a Workation and for who? In this article we will explain this to you.

Why work in an office if you can work from here?

Why work in an office if you can work from here?

What is a Workation? The basics

Like the word, a Workation combines work and vacation. Now that more people work online and reliable internet can be find all over the world, there is not always a reason to stay in the office. Specially if you work for yourself and you don’t have to meet clients or colleagues in person. So why not go somewhere nice and spend a part of your day working, while the rest of the time enjoying a holiday? In the basics, that is what a Workation is.

Other that Digital Nomads and Remote Workers, who have this lifestyle full time or at least for a longer period of time, a Workation is usually not longer than a few weeks.

Organised or DIY Workation?

We believe there are two main types of Workations.

First of all the DIY Workation; for everyone who organises this work holiday on their own. People that just want to spend some time outside the office or away from home are now taking these Workations. They work at Coworking spaces or Coliving spaces and work on their own projects. They work during the day and spend their evenings and weekend exploring new places and meeting new people.

Then there is the Organised Workation; this is usually more than just a holiday to work on your own project. Often there is a theme, there are workshops or other work related activities organised for all participants. A organised Workation usually has the goal to educate you on a certain topic, help you or your business grow or teach you something new. These Workations can easiest be describes as a retreat, but with a professional approach. It also means that there is often a start and a end date and that a group of people are spending this Workation all together.

Who goes on a Workation?

Most people could go on a Workation, but in general it’s people that can do their work online. Of course you can also speak of a Workation when you take some time to work on a personal project and you combine this with a vacation. At Nine Coliving we’ve had many people taking a Workation working on projects like writing, studying a new language, setting up a new business or working out new business ideas. The most important thing is that they where intentionally combining their vacation with some type of work.

So what do you think? Is a Workation something for you? We would love to know your thoughts and experiences, so feel free to share them in the comments!