Nine is a community for coliving and coworking on the beautiful island of Tenerife, Spain. During their stay, we ask our Digital Nomads to share their stories.



Country: United States

Age: 33

Stayed at Nine: June 2019


What’s your background?

I’m originally from Phoenix, Arizona, USA but I’ve been living nomadically now for 2.5 years and I have no home base.  A few years ago I asked my work permission to work remotely in Costa Rica for 1.5 months because I just wanted to work remotely while living in a surf beach town.

Well after that trip I was hooked to the all the possibilities that the lifestyle had to offer. I applied for Remote Year and got approval for my employer to go work abroad for a year. And the rest is history, I haven’t stopped. Software Development is my profession and for fun I like to surf, hike, yoga, skateboard, play guitar, and ride motorcycles.

How long have you been working remote and what are you currently working on?

I’ve been remote now for 2.5 years working as a Software Developer. I used to work for a company called InkSoft based out of Phoenix, Arizona, where I am from. The company was not full remote but let me work abroad for sometime. After parting ways with InkSoft in early 2019 I started with a new company, Alley Interactive which is a fully distributed company.

Why do you think Tenerife and the Canary island is a good destination for digital nomads?

Tenerife for me, has the perfect trifecta: mountains, beach, and beautiful old colonial architected cities. Surfing is important to me so that’s why I chose to come here. I also enjoy the setup of co-living/co-working spaces so Nine made sense for me to come check out. And not to mention I like to support the Remote Year community.

There is lots to do in Tenerife whether you’re into the nightlife scene or more into nature activities. And the island of Tenerife is big enough to where you want run out of stuff to explore and do, at least not for awhile.

What is your favorite thing about Nine Coliving?

Hmm that’s a hard one. Probably the overall house itself? Its big, its cozy, it’s homey. The rooftop has amazing vibes whether you’re enjoying some sunshine, doing yoga in the morning, or having some drinks for sunset. The co-working space is super cozy and comfortable to work from and the natural lighting is spot on.