What is your background?

Studied Information Sciences in Amsterdam. After that I continued with freelancing as a UI-designer and founded Backpackkit,  a webshop for travellers, together with Anne.

How long have you been working remote?

Whenever I get the chance to work on a project for a long time I try to work on it remotely. It’s a lot easier as a freelancers, since you get to pick your project and working hours.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a few web projects, Backpackkit of course and for Foleta, a software company for educational institutions.

What is your favorite thing about Nine?

The rooftop! What an amazing view, and the perfect place for a late night BBQ. Starting with the sun out and ending with the lights all over the hills never gets boring. Seeing the sun coming up from behind the hills in the morning is a great sight too!