Local craft beer tasting in Tenerife

Jeito Cerveza Artesanal - Written by Lisa

Jeito Cerveza Artesanal - Written by Lisa

Im probably not the ideal person for a beer tasting, Im more of a wine taster, I drink plain boring beer and usually only when its hot and sunny. But this guy caught my attention.

One sunny day we all hopped in the car and went for a beer tasting. Knocking on a door that looked like the entrance to any other apartment on the street, it was a surprise to walk in to a micro brewery in the middle of town. Erese’ and his father have started small and like true artists intend to continue brewing for the fun of it. They have turned down big customers as they do not want to sell out and become like the other commercial brands, this place has a soul. Part of me wants to keep this place a secret, but that would be selfish. If you ever want to go beer tasting this is the place.

First we had a tour of the brewery. This brewery is built with love, many of the items and tanks were built by his father. Even the label maker for the bottles had been put together by their own hands. I have this picture of him as a brilliant but quirky old man, unfortunately he wasn't around this day. But thats ok because Erese’ is the perfect person to talk beer with.

After the tour, Erese’ had set up a tasting table, each beer paired with different foods. This is a great way to drink beer rather than just sitting there with a dry bowl of chips. From now on I want pickles, cheese and chocolate with my beer! There was a good variety, I enjoyed them all. From light to strong and dark to light, I will not do them any justice if I try to describe them. I suggest you go there and try for yourself.

If you go, do have the blonde beer. It's the best blond ever!

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