Living in caves in Tenerife.

A hike trough La Caleta

La Caleta National park in Tenerife is home to people who decided to live life a little differently. Here people live in tents and caves, near the ocean, but away to anything els. We took a hike trough this national park, to take a look at the interesting life of these nomadas. Enjoy this photo reportage with some information to do the hike yourself. 

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How to get La Caleta

Out hike starts at the town of La Caleta. It is easy to reach by bus from the south, but we took the car from the north of the island and parked next to La Enramanda beach. From there we walked trough the town, to Paseo Maritimo. At the end of this beach, we took a little stair that brought us to a little pathway over the cliffs. Following this pathway we reached the national park in about 20 minutes. 

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Finding the bay

From the top of the cliffs you eventually see the bay where the nomadas live. Little tents start to rise up in the dry landscape. The longer we looked, the more tents we started to see. Walking down we also saw the caves made into homes. 

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Leaving the bay walking up the cliffs on the other side, we reached the second part of the area were the nomadas are living. Here you find some beautiful sand beaches, one of them a nude beach. 

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