Nine is a community for coliving and coworking on the beautiful island of Tenerife, Spain. During their stay, we ask our Digital Nomads to share their stories.



Country: Finland

Age: 29

Stayed at Nine: Aug 2019

Insta: @heicli

What’s your background?

I work as a business intelligence consultant in a Nordic consulting company building reporting and data analysis solutions for our customers. I have a master's degree in information and knowledge management. I've always loved to travel and after spending few years in Finland working and trying to survive the cold and dark winters my employer and customers were nice enough to give me the opportunity to work from wherever I want.

How long have you been working remote and what are you currently working on?

I started working remote in February 2019 so a bit more than half a year now. At the moment my work revolves around maintaining and developing existing reporting environments and this summer I have also spend some time expanding my knowledge base to new business intelligence products.

Why do you think Tenerife and the Canary island is a good destination for digital nomads?

Well at least for me it has been good destination because I love hiking and spending time in nature and climbing mountains. The highest point of Spain, Teide, is in Tenerife so for me it was quite clear that Tenerife is the island I want to visit at least once in my life to climb up Teide.

What is your favorite thing about Nine Coliving?

Ah there's so many things I love about Nine! The house is amazing, so spacious and I love how the wind blows through the house keeping it cool all day. The office space is good for working and there's enough organised activities to get you to know the people and the island but not too much to distract you too far from the main goal of getting shit done (: yoga every morning is a nice way to start the day and there's even a small gym where you have enough equipment for a good workout. The location in La Orotava is nice, a bit off from the really tourist spots. I could go on and on about the things I like about Nine but let's say that these are my favorite things :D