Where Digital Nomads and Remote workers get together.


Nine is not just a place to sleep and work. It's a place where like-minded people meet each other and form a strong community. With it's many communal spaces, digital nomads get all the opportunities to bond, grow and learn together. With daily morning yoga, community lunches, family dinners and lots of opportunities for guests to organise events. 

But of course we won't forget we are also on a beautiful island, where there is lots to do. Where Tenerife is sometimes only known as a sunny destination for beach lovers, we know that that's just not the case, definitely not on the North side of the island. Tenerife is heaven for every adventurous and outdoor soul. So in your free time we try to show you as much of the island as we can. 

What to do in Tenerife? Well, you can go hike a volcano, mountain bike, surf, snorkel, dive, sail, watch whales and dolphins, climb, taste wine and local craft beer, walk the forests, visit secret beaches, visit museums, eat all the tapas, drink all the sangria, visit cute little fisherman towns, dance at the beach, swim in the ocean and lay on the beach, for example.

Check out some of the activities we like to do for more info and inspiration on what Tenerife has to offer.