Some say that if volcano Montaña Negra hadn’t destroy Garachico in 1706, the little harbour town would now be Tenerife’s capital. In stead, almost the whole town got destroyed. Nowadays Garachico is one of the cutest towns to visit on the island of Tenerife, with its old buildings, good food and natural pools to take a dip in the ocean.



Get to Garachico

Garachico is situated on the North-West side of Tenerife, about a 25 minute drive from Nine Coliving or 40 minute by bus. There are two free parking lots so parking is not an issue. We like to go for a few hours or an afternoon but you can easily spend a whole day here. When you arrive to Garachico you will see the ocean side and Natural pools right away. But let’s first walk into the town and check out the old historic centre.

Lunch in the old town

When you walk to the centre of Garachico you will find old streets with colourful houses. The main square and big yellow church are often used for celebrations and events. Another beautiful church, that you can go into as well, is Iglesia de Santa Ana. From there, take a walk over to Parque de la Puerta de Tierra. These ruins are one of the last remains from before the Spanish.

There are lots of nice places to have lunch in Garachico. For simple and local food, go to Tasca del Vino. For a more fancy meal, Mirador de Gacachico and Restaurante Miramar might be for you. For a quick street bite, we love Mexican Don Quicacho.

After dinner dip

Ready for a dip in the ocean? When in Garachico, you can’t leave without enjoying the natural pools laying in front of the old centre. On warm days, specially in the weekend, lots of people are enjoying these natural pools, finished by hand to make them a save and comfortable place to sunbath and swim.

We love to combine a trip to Garachico when driving further west on the island, for example to El Teno or Masca. Let us know what your favorite day trip around the island is!