Best beaches around La Orotava, Tenerife

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When you come to a Coliving space on an island, a good beach nearby is of course a must. That’s why in this article, we show you the 5 most beautiful beaches close to Nine. So grab your towel and let’s hit the beach!

Bollullu beach

Bollullu beach

Playa El Socorro

Let’s just go from west to east on the map. El Socorro translates to SOS and this beach definitely deserves its name. Because although it might not seem this way, currents can be strong and dangerous for swimmers and surfers. But! El Socorro is still one of our favorite beaches, not only because it’s one of the best surf beaches of the island. El Socorro is great in summer, when the beach is long and currents are not as strong at all. In winter this beach is a bit less predictable. There are days when you can perfectly swim and days when the red flag is out. A good thing about Socorro is that there is always a lifeguard so you can’t get yourself into a messy situation if you pay attention. So ,really great beach, but if you like to swim in winter this might not be your best option. El Socorro is easy accessible by car as you can literally park on the beach. On the beach there are showers, there is a kiosk for snacks, a small tapas restaurant and a public toilet.

Playa El Jardin

Playa el Jardin is the city beach of beach town Puerto de la Cruz, a 10 minute drive from Nine. It’s called el Jardin (the garden) because it is surrounded by a beautiful garden, taking away the feeling of being in the city. Playa el Jardin consists of tree little beaches connected to each other. The further from the city centre, the quieter the beach gets. This is the perfect beach if you want to combine your beach day with a stroll around Puerto, some shopping or going to one of the many restaurants close by. The beach has free and easy parking nearby, showers, public toilets and a few beach restaurants. On top of that, this is probably the best beach to go for a swim. Protected by the city, the water tends to be a lot calmer here.

Playa el Bollullu

El Bolullu takes a bit more effort to get to, but it is well worth it once you get there. This beautiful beach is surrounded by nature and usually a bit more quiet than the more accessible beaches. You can park at Restaurante el Bollullu, but to get there you have to drive over a very steep and small road so be prepared. Once there, you pay 3 euros to park your car and walk 5 minute walk to the beach. Another option is to leave your car higher up the road, where the bus stop is, and walk down. We definitely recommend this on busy days, because driving down and up the road with lots of counter traffic is no joke. Don’t let this stop you to check out El Bollullu though, because it’s probably one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. On the beach there is a small beach restaurant with some simple tapas and a toilet. On top of the cliff, where you also park your car, there is a very nice restaurant with outside seatings looking out over the ocean.

Los Patos

Los Patos is probably the most beautiful beach on the island, together with Playa Benijo, but also one of the hardest to get to. Since the stairs leading to the beach have broken down, the only way to get to Los Patos, is by climbing down a little ridge along the cliffs to get down. Now, this sounds all very scary and we definitely recommend you to be very careful and wear good shoes, but it’s doable. In summer lots of people go down every weekend, but it’s on your own risk. When you do go down, you get to the most beautiful and secluded beach surrounded by nature. In summer this is a long and wide beach with fun waves to surf on. In winter the beach gets much smaller, so you would have to be very careful with upcoming tides. In winter there are hardly any people on this beach except a few advanced surfers taking advantage of a quiet spot with great waves.

El Ancon

Next to El Bollullu and Los Patos lays a small beach called El Ancon. To get to this beach you have to take a walk for about 20 minutes. But, the walk is a beautiful one along the coast over Los Patos and at the beach there are stairs going all the way down. El Ancon disappears almost completely in winter so we only recommend you to go in summer. The small beach is known as a beach for dog lovers and nudists.

Enjoy your day at the beach! And let us know in the comment section below which beach is your favorite.