How I ended up owning a coliving space in Tenerife

Anne and Lara @ el Teide - Photo by Novomonde

Anne and Lara @ el Teide - Photo by Novomonde


When I started this adventure I basically said to myself that, “at least I wanted to try”. And not just TRY to look places up on the internet, or TRY to see if I could talk to someone interesting, but really try. 

Try in this case ment DOING something. And than see what would happend. That is trying in a way where you allow the outcome to happen for you. And if not, well than you tried. So it started with actually doing something, a real action. And than after every action that followed with a positive outcome, I would DO something more. 

And that is how I ended up picking Tenerife as a place to live and start a business. I did some research on the place and it sounded like a good option. Not that other places weren't an option, but that's how you keep not really trying and never start DOING. So I looked up houses in Tenerife, I wrote emails to people that lived there, I contacted a real estate agent and booked me and my parents a ticket to Tenerife. See, this is still the part where I am trying to make this thing work, but I am definitely also DOING something. 

A million things could have happend in Tenerife. I could have not liked the place, not found a home, not had my parents on board or found a real bad real estate agent. And than I would have tried. But now I found this house that felt amazing and was perfect for what I wanted to do. So I tried some more. I looked up the internet situation, had a architect come in to do a technical report, I made an offer and eventually got the house! I was and am still trying though because getting this house was only the very start of it all. 

The point is, that until things really don't work out, you shouldn't be trying but doing. And that only when tings really don't work out, you tried.