Our favorite hike in Teide national park, Tenerife

Okay, this might not be totally true. In the Teide National Park this hike ánd the Roques de Garcia hike share a first place for best hike. Both hikes are around two hours, so if you have the time, we definitely recommend you to do them both.

Views at the start of the hike

Views at the start of the hike

The Pico Viejo loop

This hike is not actually going to Pico Viejo, but takes you to the most amazing viewpoints to see both El Teide and Pico Viejo in the distance. The cool thing about this loop, is that it starts just below the tree line, so you will cross a few very different landscapes. You can walk the loop in both directions, but we recommend you to take it clock wise. Another cool option, is to do the hike at sunset and watch the sunset from one of the hills you cross and than watch the sun setting over the other islands in the distance.

From the starting point, follow the signs to Pico Viejo. The path takes you slowly up around a big hill (where you could watch the sunset from). On the other side of the hill you will get to a crossing. From there you could go higher up to Pico Viejo, or in this case, follow the sign Abeque. The hike is about 4 KM and takes about 1,5 to 2 hours.

How to get to the starting point

The start of this hike is easy to find. There is a small parking spot at Mirador de Samara. From there clear signs will guild you the way. Mirador Samara is clearly indicated on Google maps so you will have no troubles finding it.

I hope you enjoy your hike in Teide National Park! If you have any other favorite hikes in the area you are more than welcome to share them in the comment section of this post; this might help future travellers prepare their journey in Tenerife.