Corpus Christi festival Tenerife

One week out of the year the quite town where Nine Coliving is based, transforms into an awesome madness. The 9th week after Eastern La Orotava celebrates (like in many places in Spain) Corpus Christi or Body of Christ. A religious celebration that lasts a full week and is something you don’t want to miss! Do you want to celebrate with us? We still have some rooms available!

In 2019 Corpus Christi starts the 23rd of June.

Corpus Christi 2018

Corpus Christi 2018


During the week of Corpus Christi the agenda in La Orotava is full. Because besides the important religious celebrations, people in Tenerife like a good party and see no reason why not to go all out. La Orotava is therefore famous for their Corpus Christi celebration and people from all over the island and Spain come to the town to celebrate. Let me tell you a few of the main reasons why you should be here too!

Sand and flower carpets

This might sound lame, but this amazing street art is worth the visit. In the 40 days leading up to Corpus Christi, 20 volunteers work every day to make a huge carpet out of volcanic sand, with the most beautiful images that always tell a story. Last year was all about strong women and equality. It is made on the town hall square and made out of sand from our volcano el Teide. The sand isn’t coloured so all of the natural colours of the volcanic sand are shown.

The day of the big procession, another 400 volunteers get on their knees in the streets around the town hall, to make carpets out of flowers and flower petals. These amazing carpets fill the streets, but only for a few hours, so make sure you walk alongside them while you can. Later that night a big procession follows the same streets, destroying all these beautiful flower carpets that where just made that same day. The procession ends on the town hall square, followed by a mass.

Parades, parades, parades

Every day there is a different one, celebrating life in La Orotava. All people, young and old, are dressed in the original clothes of the region. There are parades with music and dance, parades where big wagons pulled by cows fill the streets celebrating the start of the harvest season, dinners on one of the main squares where only people dressed up in authentic clothes are welcome and parades to celebrate the light of Christ. The parades take place both during daytime and nighttime and the streets are always filled with people.

Food and music

It wouldn’t be Spain if there wasn’t a lot of food and music involved in this festival. Leading up to the main events there are a lot of concerts, outside in parks, free for everyone to go to. And during the weekend of Corpus Christi you can drink, eat and dance until late at night or better yet early in the morning.

Every square has its own programme with different bands and artists like Salsa bands, performances of local talent and Reageton dj’s for the youth. Restaurants have special menu’s and venders sell their goods on the streets. If you like to celebrate life like the Canariers do, then Corpus Christi is right up your alley!

All this, just a few minutes walk from Nine Coliving. So if you want to experience Corpus Christi this year, come join our digital nomad community!