Surf in the Morning, Work After

If you are looking to get your surf on while coliving at Nine, we are here to make that happen. We collaborated with (in our opinion) the best surf school in the North of Tenerife.

Atlantic Surf is a mobile surf school, what means that the drive you to the best spots of the day. They have lessons in the morning so you can start your day with catching waves, before heading back to work. Their lessons are for beginners and intermediate with a lot technique and personal guidance so you will really get the basics down.

Buy your surf lessons when you book your stay at Nine and we will make sure your surf lessons are all lined up as soon as you get here. The reason we do this if because lessons tend to fill up quick with Atlantic Surf. This way we make sure you get as much surf in as possible.


1 day €40

2 days €76

3 days €114

4 days €152

5 days €190

+ 5 days 35 € / day